Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Some Sad News

I have two cases of sad news. The first is that the girl I met at the Dalai Lama meeting never e-mailed me with the pictures. Maybe I wrote my e-mail down wrong or something. Who knows. The second sad news is that my computer is on its deathbed.

I bought my Dell Ispiron laptop in February, 2006. It served me well through my second half of college and a little beyond. Unfortunately, the connection between the screen and the computer has been damaged and so it has become moody in deciding when the backlight will turn on or when the screen will remain black and useless.

We'll probably get me a new desktop once we are in the states but won't set it up until we move to Ithaca. I might be very unreliably connected until then (August-ish) so if I disappear for a while, that's why.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Penecost Holiday!

I accidentally left my camera at home for this Dalai Lama meeting at Xan's university. Luckily, there was a girl there with a camera that agreed to e-mail me some of the pictures and videos she took. It might take a day or two or ten... I don't know her at all... but my Dalai Lama post will come.

In the meantime, here's the fun we had on Monday! Considering it was a holiday and that most people had the day off, we all decided to go out and enjoy the day. We started off by going to the tasty restaurant, American Style, where Malianna and I critiqued just how American the food was. Our verdict was that the atmosphere was very American but the hamburgers were nothing like our tasty American hamburgers. They were very good Icelandic burgers though!

Gunnar decided to sport a classic American look for the camera. :)

We let our food sit for a bit while we hung out in the parking lot by the cars.

Stjarna was with and and had a blast feeling the wind in her face while we drove.

There's a joke in Iceland: What do you do when you get lost in an Icelandic forest?

Answer: You stand up! Iceland's native trees are a dwarf small trees. The forest we went to was planted in 1959. I'm thinking the joke doesn't apply to this forest.

Oscar and Johannes here are posing. Malianna was a ways back and we decided to try to scare her, so we all hid a little ways off the path. Problem: after a couple minutes, there was still no sight of her. While a few went to look for her, the rest stayed behind and posed. LOL. Malianna was quickly found, being prone to wonder off a bit but never getting lost.

We got to our desired destination and enjoyed the sun for a while.

Eyþór is sporting off a new fashion trend he´s hoping will spread through all of Western Europe.

Sylvía, looking beautiful like always!

Then came the games. Sister Koyle had taught them that pioneer game of leg wrestling. They decided to try it out.

We then all hopped back in the car and they headed for the pool while I headed back to take a quick nap before dinner. President Olafson was here from Denmark and we were all having dinner at the Koyle´s. He got to meet with the Dalai Lama with 13 other religious leaders in the Iceland area.

He brought a treat with him. The church lent him a copy of the Joseph Smith movie that they show in the Joseph Smith Memorial building in Salt Lake. It is such a fantastic movie and many testimonies were strengthened. Thanks President Olafson!