Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our family's new addition

My mother-in-law has come to visit and brought one of their cats for us to keep. :) It's been a really fun visit so far and we love our new cat. His name is Toad. Xan's parents found her when she was barely born and took care of her for the past couple of years.

We also finally got those dart frogs and I'm trying to get good pictures of them but they don't like to hold still long enough to get a good shot. I'll keep trying and hopefully get some good pictures up soon. We got lucky and got one male and one female frog and are hoping to be able to breed them. We named the male Thor and the female Ana.

But, back to our cat, which was MUCH more easy to photograph...

He is a really good cat so far. He chases Xan's toes but somehow knows well enough to stay away from mine. :)

He's also started to warm up to us. He wasn't very happy yesterday when we got him but who would be after a long flight from Saudi Arabia?

He looks like an Egyptian cat. Long, tall, lean, and the facial bone structure.

Beth, Xan's mom, is teaching me her Cinnamon bun recipe right now. SO TASTY!

PS. We've been experiencing a few computer technical issues this past month but hopefully I'll be able to post more regularly. I miss the blogging world. :)