Friday, March 19, 2010

Another Update

I have been extremely responsible this past week. I've been cleaning and getting things done even on days that I work. I finally got our budget updated so that Xan and I could stay up until 2 am last night figuring out where we were money wise. Dinners have not only been preplanned but I've actually been remembering to look at what were having the night before so that I can soak the garbanzo beans over night (which then I forgot that I had done and forgot to use them). I'm updated on reading other's blogs. I've been much better at being social during my free time when I just want to stay home and do my own thing . Yeah... Xan has totally rubbed off on me with that one. The pre-Xan me ALWAYS wanted to be social. :)

This me-being-organized thing is a rare occurance to go on longer than 48 hours. To make it from Monday until today, being Friday... I feel really good.

Xan hasn't been feeling well lately and missed the last two days of school. He said he couldn't miss today so he's risking it for the day and left for school already. He's hoping to finish his thesis from Iceland next week, which is Spring Break. That would be great for him to get finished and officially get his second MA and only have his PhD to worry about.

We also found another entertaining television series, The Marriage Ref. Its really fun to see who's side we take compared to the panel's opinions and the ref's call and when we all agree. Like the one husband who, after his dog died, took it to a taxidermist and wanted to put it in a shrine he had constructed in his home while his wife was horrified at the idea. We all agreed the wife wins. There are some FANTASTIC arguments to make fun of while watching. My favorite was a wife who was upset that her husband said he didn't have the "capacity" to put together a do-it-yourself deck cover that she had bought. She said, paraphrasing, "I don't understand what you mean when you say you don't have the capacity to put this together. You're a man. A man is supposed to be able to put things together and do stuff around the house. It's what you're supposed to be able to do." Which he replied with, "That is so sexist. If that's the way you see it then when I'm talking, you shouldn't be. When I say jump, you should say how high." LOL!