Monday, August 23, 2010

A Good Day

Strangely, I've had a really good day today.  It's strange because I had to go to work.  Normally, going to work isn't reason enough for it to be a bad day... but with student return happening this week and both Cornell University and Ithaca College starting classes this week, you could say that the store is PACKED with customers and it is nearly impossible keeping the shelves full.  WOW, is it busy and stessfull.

Yet, I found myself whistling Primary songs while I was in the back, even skipping a few times as I hurriedly turned corners around large loads of skids, and smiling the whole way home ... while my eyes scanned the roads wildly for deer and other critters.

Not really sure what has me in these high spirits.  Maybe it was because I got A LOT done this morning before work, including dinner in the crock pot and side dishes prepped.  Maybe it was the orange dark chocolate bar I treated myself to during work.  Or maybe, it was because I'm actually still studying math and science and it wasn't just a week fling.   (yeah... kind of disturbed about that fact.  I could have played our wii all morning long or watched a movie... and yet I CHOSE to sit at the kitchen table and work through a section of chemistry, physics, and algebra... does anyone else find this a bit alarming???)

I also found a new way to do my hair.  My USB port on my computer is still broken (since before vacation and I will get around to fixing it someday) so here's a web picture to illustrate.  It takes a bit of practice, but it really helps to diversify long hair updos.    This takes me about ten minutes tops.  :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Keep Working or Live the Life of Leisure?

Inspired by some answers I got from my co-workers of what they would do with a million dollars, a new question has popped into my head. If you had enough money that you not only didn't NEED to work, but had enough money for most of your wants, too, what would you do with your job? Would you keep it?  Would you cut back hours?  Would you quit and do hobbies all day?  Would you get a different job - maybe pursue your dream of being a rock star?  Or maybe go back to school?
I think I would become a job junkie.  Meaning, that I would hop from job to job and learn all sorts of things.  I'd start off with culinary school.  Graduate... maybe work in that field for a year or two.  Then go back to school and get a PhD in Chinese.   Maybe teach a bit after graduation.  Then, get another degree and get a job in food science and develop my own natural version of Mountain Dew to act as an all-natural headache-be-gone formula.  (Just got done with another migraine soits definitely on my mind right now).   Who knows how many different degrees/jobs I would come up with but if money wasn't an issue... WHY NOT???  I mean, I have a whole list of things I'd like to do.  Some, even Xan has shown interest in doing someday.

Sometimes we talk about opening a pet store.  I think we would be really good at it.  Down side?  Well, we'd have a really hard time selling pets to people who don't know how to take care of them.   Too many people buy pets before doing their research.  How many puppies get abandoned because their owners didn't realize their cute little puppy turns into a BIG dog.  How many reptiles get let loose because owners don't realize the size they can reach?  How many pets die because owners aren't willing to spend the money to make sure their pet's home is large enough (tanks, cages, ect.)  Not really sure we could do it.

He also has caught on to my Bed and Breakfast idea.  I've wanted to open a Bed and Breakfast for a couple years now.  (You know, the kind that sounds FANTASTIC in your head but you know in reality its a lot more work than you would realistically like but dreaming is way too fun...)  He started thinking of how fun it would be to have aquarium themed rooms.  Awesome idea, right?  We could have a Pacific room with a large tank lining one wall with all sorts of Pacific fish and coral.  A jellyfish room with a few columns of jellyfish tanks.  An Amazon room with a few different kinds of our Poison Dart Frogs...  We could have a pavilion out in the back inside an aviary with all different kinds of birds with the option of eating breakfast out there...  And hey!  If we weren't worried about money, we could hire people to do a lot of the dirty work.  :)

Yes... I think being a job junkie is kind of my dream.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Something I Never Thought I Would Actually Say Seriously...

Math and science were never fortes of mine.  Anyone who ever saw me suffer through one of these classes can attest to this fact.  I'm the sort of gal who voluntarily dropped high school chemistry for an art class my senior year.  Sad... but true.  I avoided it at all costs.
And that is why I thought I would never say the following ...  I'm going to learn math and science by my own free will and through self-teaching and lots of tutoring from my rocket scientist of a husband.   Specifically, I need to learn nutrition, calculus, statistics, organic chemistry, molecular biology.... the list continues but I'm going to stop there.
You see, I've come to a decision.  You know, those things that I come up with frequently only to change my mind on a later day.  I want to learn food science.  I want to know the whole processes in what goes into food, why it goes into food, and what it does to food and people, and all sorts of other things.
So, I've pulled out some of Xan's textbooks.  I have a physics textbook that I've gotten almost half way through chapter one... and a calculus textbook  that I had to put back once realizing that the algebra review it contains was no where near basic enough for me.  I have to start all the way in Algebra.
Xan has been pretty supportive the last few days of serious study.  Want to know what we did for our 2 year anniversary?  He helped walk me through his textbooks to show me what chapters were equivalent to which college science/math course.  The next day, he helped me come up with an equation to figure out how many times one mole of him would travel around the circumference of the Earth.  (It was to help me understand just how small atoms are).
Here's what I learned.  One mole of water is about 1 tbsp.  Pretty small right?  Well, One mole of Xan would travel around the circumference of the Earth 2.56 x 10^17 times, or in other words, 25,600,000,000,000,000,000 times!  That's HUGE!