Thursday, February 17, 2011

Too Sore to Move!

I was beginning to really miss dancing.  Back in college I was always either doing ballroom and/or country swing.  I even did a bit of teaching at the country dance club at BYU.  Then, I graduated and left that life.

You see, Xan detests dancing.  What's worse then dancing?  Country music.  :)  He doesn't mind if I want to go dancing.  At BYU it was really convenient because he could send me dancing with one of our friends and he never had to go but I still got to go dancing.  The system was working fabulously until we left that world where dancing with partners other than your spouse was acceptable.

And then, I found out the greatest thing of the YEAR just last week:
(plus any course fees involved.)

I found out a day before the add/drop deadline so I impulsively signed up for Sevillanas on Sunday evenings and Belly Dance on Tuesday and Thursday morning.   I have been wishing I could learn Flamenco dancing for a couple of years now but WHERE DO YOU LEARN?  right?  But, June, who instructs both Sevillanas and Belly Dancing, is also dreaming of dancing the Flamenco and is skilled enough to teach the Sevillanas  The Sevillanas is a form of Flamenco that is more folk dancing.  It's what the "common" people dance opposed to the professionally trained Flamenco dancers.  It's also very commonly taught as the first step to learning Flamenco.  LOVE IT!  Watch this video to see what the awesome version looks like:

And this is what our beginning class is learning.  The same steps, just not as expertly embellished.  :)

Trust me, I LOOK NOTHING LIKE EITHER!  I came home last Sunday night from my first class and was showing Xan what I learned.  He's lived in Spain and knows what it is SUPPOSED to look like and he said, "Whatever that is, that is NOT what I saw in Spain."  LOL!  I guess I need to add the Flamenco arms in.  Without those... the dance looks pretty pathetic.

And THEN!  Too top that off, this last Wednesday was the first day of our weekly (I think it is weekly) Zumba class with our Relief Society.  The wonderful Kim Yost went and got certified to teach so we were all shaking it out early Wednesday morning in the gym.  It was SOOOOO much fun!  And I loved how it was in the morning since I work Wednesdays starting at 11:30 am.  So, I can usually never make evening stuff.  EXCELLENT JOB, KIM!  LOVED IT!

It has been an INCREDIBLE week!  I'm happy and smiling most of the time.  I'm waking up earlier.  I'm CRAVING all this food I'm learning to make from watching the Food Network (Julia Child's French Onion Soup is on the stove simmering as I type and then I'll be making some Panini style sandwiches to go with it inspired by Chef Anne Burrell).  LIFE IS JUST BETTER!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Toad Loves Baskets

One of Toad's favorite days is laundry day.  Why, you ask?  Simple.  Because after I get home with all the laundry clean and put it a way, the house is once again full of empty baskets.  His favorite thing.

He just likes to sit in them.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011

What to do with all the CSA?

I've really enjoyed doing the Winter CSA this year... most of the time.  While I still am not a fan of bitter greens and most end up as cricket food or in the trash, I have come to LOVE root vegetables and have added many vegetables to my list of I-know-what-I-can-do-with-these.  

BUT... Xan and I are only two people.  I don't always feel like cooking  when I get home at 8:30 pm sometimes 4/7 nights a week.  And our kitchen is over flowing with vegetables.  

Did you see that box with all those onions?  Or how about my garlic container...  :)  These I'm not too worried about because they have a shelf life that will make them last a few more months.

But does anyone have any ideas with what I can do with all these roots?  I love them, I do!  But do any of you know any freezer recipes for them?  Or any new ideas to do with radishes (besides soups)?  

SO MANY VEGGIES!  And I'll be getting another box full each week through out the rest of February.  One of the things I have read is to expect to throw away some of your veggies your first CSA. They say you'll throw away less and less each year you participate as your knowledge of using them up increases. I have noticed I throw away less each week, but I'd rather not throw anymore away than I already have.  I'm hoping I can make some good freezer meals and help out those late nights of just not wanting to peel and chop and prep, you know.  Or maybe some good crockpot recipes that also freeze well.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Irresistible blue skies

Today is one of my days off.  I took my morning off, relaxing on my computer while Xan got ready for school, watched Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel I got from Netflix after Xan left, and was redoing my room by room cleaning charts WHEN I looked outside to see BLUE SKIES!  So, I dropped what I was doing, grabbed a bite to eat, and headed for a walk.

LOVE the sunshine!

Here's the frozen and covered-in-snow pond at Sapsucker Woods

It was even warm enough to take my coat off for a bit after walking around for a while.


And to illustrate just how tame the deer are around here:

I thought this photo was kind of sad.  Friends separated by a fence...  (not that they can't jump it... but still!)

A snowy "Stepp" picture to contrast the water one found in our picture header at the top of this blog.

And an ADORABLE cat named Toad who greeted me when I got back home.  :)

What better end to a walk could you ask for?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhog's Day Predictions

The famous Punxsutawney Phil DID NOT see his shadow this morning!

That means...