Tuesday, January 31, 2012


This last weekend of January, Xan and I headed down to Eilat with one of his parent's co-workers who dives.  Her name was Tali and she was a gem!  The drive was 4 hours long.  We had to wake up at 3 am and start driving by 4 in the morning.   We were TIRED!

While Xan and Tali went scuba diving, I hung out on the beach and relaxed - what a vacation is all about, right?

This is the Red Sea and on the other side is Aqaba, Jordan.

I had planned to snorkel but it was too cold.  I opted to stay warm in a jacket on the shore.

The Red Sea is supposed to be one of the BEST places to dive in the world.  The lower sections of the Sea in Egypt are supposed to be better than here but we didn't have Egypt Visas so we stuck here.

They were able to do 4 dives our first day there, including a night dive.  They did 2 more dives the next day and then Xan and I went to the Oceanarium so that I could see stuff, too.  Tali said she'd meet back up with us later.

There was quite a bit to see.  I happen to be a sucker for turtles so we watched them for a good half hour.  Some of them were HUGE!  At least 3 feet in diameter!

I think this sign should be warning the turtles, too, and not just us!

Ninja Turtle fights in training!

Yay for cheesy pictures!

I'm really excited to use photo shop for these shots.  Until then, please keep in mind that these shots were taken through glass.  THICK glass in a lot of cases.  

We got to the shark pool in time for the feeding.

Here's where they dumped the food in during a 10 minute commentary.

On our way out, we saw the baby turtles.

Then we ran to make it to the Amazon exhibit to watch them feed those tanks.  Here's a pretty fish that was there.

They fed a salmon fillet to the piranhas.

These alligators were rescued and given to the Oceanarium until they can find a permanent home.

More fish tanks!

A jellyfish.  I love this shot..

Then we went to the observatory where we got to see an aerial view from the top and an underwater view from the bottom. 

Those hazy mountains in the distant are Egypt.  Xan was pretty sure the border crossing was less than 2-3 miles away.

Here's the coastline showing Eilat on the left and Aqaba on the right.

An example of the corals Tali and Xan explored.

And the following were taken below in the observatory.

This guy was swimming so fast and I was having a hard time capturing him.  I had to get him in two shots.  Here's a full view.

And the composition isn't as good in this photo but the detail is better.

Then we went back to the park and made sure we didn't miss any exhibits.  We almost missed these guys!

Then we met up with Tali back at the dive shop, got some dinner, and drove the 4 hours back home.  Long trip but definitely worth it.