Monday, February 13, 2012

Jerusalem Trip 3

And for our final trip in Israel... DRUM ROLL PLEASE...
We went back to Jerusalem to try to see the last few things we really wanted to see.  Truth be known, one could spend over a week in Jerusalem and STILL have so much left they could visit.  It was drizzling and pretty chilly so we weren't enthusiastic picture takers but I've borrowed in places where we lacked for your entertainment.  :)

Our first stop was at the Israel Museum.  We skipped all the art galleries, which were many since Israel seems to really be into Modern art and we... are not so much.  The Shrine of the Book held the Dead Sea Scrolls.  Ironically, they are doing a Dead Sea Scroll exhibit in NYC right now, so there were a few plaques in place of the real things.  We still got to see everything we had wanted to see, such as parts of the Isaiah scroll.  

They had a huge model of Jerusalem during the Second Temple period.

I decided that I'd like to have a house like this one someday, with a fountain in my courtyard and servants to clean it for me.  :)

Big, right?

There were random statues and art displays all over the museum.

Then we went to see all the old stuff.  :)  I didn't realize there was a no photography rule.  I figured it was simply no flash.  I got two pictures before someone kindly asked me to put my camera away.  Oops!

And there ends all pictures I took myself.  After the museum, we went back to the Old City, entered through the Jaffa Gate, walked through the Armenian Quarter, out the Zions Gate and saw David's Tomb.

The Room of the Last Supper was just a flight of stairs away from David's Tomb.

Next was the Church of Dormition, or the Hagia Maria Sion Abbey.

We walked a bit down hill for a while to get to the Church of St Peter in Gallicantu.  Go to this site for a complete list of pictures and explanations.

Then we walked back to the Armenian Quarter to see St. James Cathedral.  

Cold, wet, and tired, we called it a day.  We were planning on driving down again Tuesday (the next day), but we both woke up with headaches and decided it wasn't going to be worth it.

Hope you've enjoyed the posts!