Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Change. A Husband will do that to you.

Xan has a knack at changing my mind about things.  It takes me a while to finally give to his way of thinking.  I stubbornly set my heals in and refuse to see reason.  Being a MUCH more patient person than me, he plants seeds of logic slowly and leaves me alone to let them fester in my mind until one day I wake up... and realize I've changed my mind.

Cats for example.  Before Xan and I got married, I did NOT like cats.  I didn't mind them in the same room with me but I certainly didn't want to hold one.  Truth be known, I was scared of them biting or scratching my toes.  But now?  He got a good laugh while we were in Israel because I seemed to have this need to pet every stray cat within my reach.  I now LOVE cats.

The latest change is choice of cars.  Up until yesterday, the idea of driving manual was horrid.  I wanted to learn but it just seemed too difficult.  When our Jimmy died last week, I was forced to buckle down and learn to drive - the Stepp parent's car we are watching while they're abroad which is - a manual transmission.  TERRIFYING!  I resisted a lot and prayed we would find a replacement ASAP.  Xan kept talking about our next car being a manual and let me tell you!  My feet were dug in the dirt so deep I wouldn't even let him finish a sentence in favor of getting a manual before I shut him down with, "ABSOLUTELY NOT!"

Well, today I was continuing my search for used cars to buy and I found a car that has me on edge wanting to get.  And what would you know?  It's a manual.  And I was shocked to find myself smiling when I read that.  Granted the transmission is not the selling point point for me*, just a feature, but somewhere during this last week of stress, stalling the car, attempting to shift gears blindly at night, and making it through a small snow storm, I've been sucked into the world of how fun manual cars can be.

True, stop and go traffic isn't great.  I stall the car here and there, though MUCH less frequently now.  I am still digging my heals about driving anywhere really hilly where I would have to start and stop... let alone park!  But Xan's blasted logical seeds are already growing and I know that it is only a matter of time before I ask him to come driving with me to parallel park on an incline.  Probably not this month... I'm still a newbie... and definitely not where ANY other cars are in sight to bump into, but I'm pretty sure it is inevitable that given a few months, I will be a manual transmission convert.

As for this car I can't get out of my mind**.... we'll see.  Buying a car is obnoxious.  There's all the financing, deciding on which bank to get a loan from, figuring out what we can afford, weighing the cost benefits and risks, ect.  Who knows if that dream car will belong to me (being at the top of our budget... but still inside the bracket!)  or if I see it in person and realize its not meant to be... but one thing is for sure:

Manuals are FUN to drive.

*Selling points for me (in general):
The must haves: 4 door, front wheel drive, below 100,000k, hatchback/SUV, child lock, not tan or puke green, decent mpg
The wants: 5+ CD changer, mp3 plug in, red, deep blue, forest green, tinted windows, remote key, non-leather seats, phenomenal mpg

**Any opinions on this car?