Friday, December 14, 2012


I made Thanksgiving dinner at work then headed home before it was finished cooking to join the Ithaca stragglers for some yummy Thanksgiving potluck.  Thanks everyone for such great food!

This is Javier and Ashley Campanini.  They just accepted a job to California and are moving as I write this.  SUPER SAD!  I'll miss you, Ashley!!!

Alex and Danya Smart brought the DELICIOUS turkey.  SOOOO tasty!

Here's us.

Kelvin and Julie Blaser.  Julie is teaching me piano lessons.

Josh and Melissa LaPray.  They just moved into the branch are are a lot of fun.

Jeremy and Linda Bentley.  I like to borrow their 2 kids at church.  Super cute!

Alaric Hall.  Another new addition to our branch.

Brett and Sydnie Freeman with their daughter, Callie.  Callie is super girly, adorable, and always comes to nursery decked out in necklaces.

Jason and Eliza Cook are in the main picture but left before I got my camera out.  We love them, too! Until, Julie sent me a copy she had!  Yay!  Here are the Cooks.

The post is a bit late but finally done.  Check!