Saturday, July 13, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me... Early!

Without kids and my husband not caring if I open presents early, I have a tendency to open my presents as soon as they come in the mail.  :)  Tonight was no exception.  My gift from my hubby arrived from Amazon.  Found it against the door when I got home from work.  A digital camera!  Yay!  We've been meaning to replace my broken one for over a year now but haven't gotten around to it.  Now, I will probably blog a lot more since I can add pictures.  

Huge smiles from me as I make Xan use my gift.  Good thing it arrived on the first day I actually got ready for the day in over a week- make-up and jewelry and all. (PS. Beth, I LOVE my gifts!  I'm wearing the bracelet and the earrings in this shot.  That bracelet matched perfectly with one of my favorite bracelet sets.  THANK YOU!!!) 
And, the camera takes pictures under water up to 23ft!  How cool is that!  I'll be taking it to work to get some photos of a couple of my guys while they swim.  I'll have to use the house memory card and I won't be able to share any of them but how cool will those pictures be!

Poor Xan!  He ruptured his Achilles tendon Thursday night playing basketball.  We went to the ER that night and followed up with an orthopedic Friday.  He will have surgery this upcoming Wednesday to repair it.  Hopefully, he'll be able to drive our manual car before I leave for Utah at the end of the month.  Good thing he wasn't planning on coming with me!  He'll be able to stay home and rest.  

For now, he's on crutches and hops around the apartment when he needs to.  

Here's Toad.  He needs to be in the middle of everything.  He is loving all the time Xan is spending on the couch.  Lots of cuddle time!  

Looks like the Big Bang Theory is more interesting than my new camera.  ;)

Happy Toad.  Don't his paws look HUGE in this shot?

And Mimsy can't be left out.  See Big Bang Theory in the background?  Best show ever!  

Well, back to the homework.  Classes officially end on the 19th of this month.  I have some big assignments due each day until then.  Better get going!!!


  1. Love to hear about how you are both doing. We think fondly of you often. Hopes for a speedy recovery for Xan and success finishing up your schooling and taking your much needed break! David and Kelly

  2. This post is so you, it makes me smile. Happy early birthday!

  3. Trust me, I don't know that kids would change opening gifts early. I can't stand holding on to gifts. If I have it then I end up giving it to the person directly.