Thursday, August 15, 2013

Xan's Surgery and My Sympathy Pains

Okay.  We're going for a post a day for a while.  Maybe that will help me catch up.  :)  If... I can manage a post a day.  Considering most of my habits like getting up early vanished as soon as I got to my parent's house... well... we'll see.

Xan had surgery on his Achilles tendon on July 17.  My classes ended on the 19th.  It was a pretty busy weekend but we made it through.  Here he is before surgery.  I was attempting to annoy him enough by taking a couple shots to make him not think about going under anesthesia for the first time.   It worked for about 10 seconds.  :)

Still before surgery.  The wait was going to be about an hour and there was a mall across the street... literallly... so Xan told me to enjoy but not go overboard.  Let's see... surgery or shopping... I got the better half of that day.  

I did get him a couple new pairs of gym shorts - since that's what he'll be wearing for a while with a cast/boot on his foot.  But I came across a jewelry shop that had a ring so close to mine!  I'd never seen one like it before.  The kind saleswoman let me try it on.  I rarely wear my engagement ring so I didn't have it on to compare but I did find a brief shot of my engagement ring on Facebook.

Blue-Green Tourmaline

Here is Xan's tower of Awesomeness - so named by me!  We used it to keep his foot elevated and stable while he attempted to sleep.

Toad decided to help me while I attempted to study for my last test and assignments.  He was extra cuddly!  I think he was unsure of Xan's new accommodations.  We ended up having to take Xan back to the ER the night of his surgery.  His pain level got higher than he's ever felt and he was feeling a lot of numbness.  The ER doctor and us think he swelled past his cast and part of it was pinching on a nerve.  They adjusted it, rewrapped, and while it was still very painful, uncomfortable, and a little numb, wasn't quite as bad as before.

The Relief Society has been AMAZING with all of their help!  Mindi and Julie came over to help clean my house (Spouse with finals + Spouse with surgery = a home in cleanliness neglect).  

Mindi has been offered a job at BYU-Idaho so she is moving in a week or two from today.  


I kid you not.  I was driving home that Friday after his surgery from work.  I had just pulled out of the driveway - a foot off of work property - when I felt my ankle pop as I shifted from reverse to first gear.  I had this problem back in High School.  We called it my Homecoming curse.  Each year, right before Homecoming, my ankle tendons would pop and shift around.  They'd go back where they belonged but the tendons would be inflamed and I would have to wear a boot for a few weeks.  I think I have a picture... let me look...

Me, as a sophmore in High School
So, there I was, having just shifted from reverse to first gear in my car when my ankle popped, in complete denial.  I drove to the grocery store, muttering every Mormon approved exclamation I could think of (Gosh Golly Darn!, Jiminy Cricket!, Good Gravy Not Again!, Blast it all!, Shoot!), limped around the store for the few essentials I needed for dinner, and drove home.  Xan listened to about 5 minutes of me angrily denying and lamenting before he attempted to offer solutions.  He was halted by me telling him I needed 5 more minutes to get it all out, so he smiled a little while folding his arms in his lap and patiently waited another 5 for me to finish, and then... acceptance.  He helped verbally guide me to where I left my ankle brace in the attic (I haven't had to wear it since the last time it happened before we were married).

Yep!  Same foot.  Seriously.  God has one ironic sense of humor...  At least I can walk around on it.  

To end this chapter, I made it through classes.  Got 2 A's and a B+.  Yay!!!  Xan has been absolutely miserable but was incredibly gracious and ungrumpy!  I feel bad my 3 weeks in Utah came a little over a week after his surgery but he was insistent he would be fine.  And the branch has been taking such good care of him.


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