Saturday, August 16, 2014

Married Six Years

     I met Xan around 10 years ago when I was flirting with his roommate.  Around 8 years ago, I invited him to a SLC Real soccer game and we started dating.  6 Years ago, today, I married him.  My life with him is more than I dreamed.  He's taken me around the world and inspired me to become a stronger and more independent woman than I ever thought possible.  We are approaching some big changes as he gets close to finishing up at Cornell and we don't know where we are going next or what life will bring.  This last year has been tough with disappointments, injuries, and very busy schedules, but we somehow remained a team and found ways to enjoy life together anyway.  It is still the life I choose and I can't wait to continue my life at his side.  Forever is looking pretty good!

Thailand 2006

Moab, UT 2007

Provo, UT 2008

Jordan River Temple, South Jordan, UT 2008

Iceland 2008

Iceland 2009

New York City, NY 2010

Ithaca, NY 2011

Sea of Galilee, Israel 2012

Israel 2012

Israel 2012

Petra, Jordan 2012
Xan's torn Achilles tendon and my fractured fibula.  Ithaca, NY 2013

A park somewhere in UT 2014

Sunday, May 4, 2014

My Family

While in Utah last week, my family was able to get a family picture.  Our family hasn't been all together since Xan and I got married over 5 years ago!  Our total count is 28 with one more on the way.  My eldest sister, Kimberly, has 9 kids, my brother, Michael, has 3 kids with one due in less than 2 months, Jenn just got married and added another brother-in-law to our rambunctious lot, and the sister just older than me, Crystal, has 4 kids.  Love you all and enjoyed spending time with you!!!

Parents: Denny and Kim.  Kids: Arianna, Timothy, Christine, Grace, Same, Derek, Zachary, Thomas, and Janessa.

Parents: Michael and Jessica.  Kids: Preston, Parker, and Brynna.

The Newlyweds!  Brian and Jenn.

Parents: Allen and Crystal.  Kids: Kaitlyn, Halle, Danielle, and Samantha.

And us.  :)

Wow... It has been a while, huh?

    Graduate school and working is taking up A LOT of my time so blogging has become a lower priority.  I'm close to graduation, in between semesters, and felt a random burst of energy to blog and try to catch up.  Here I am!

To start off with, last August, I flew to Utah to see my family, go to my 10 year high school reunion, and be there for my best friend's wedding.  I am not going to attempt to add names.  Lazy, I know, but there you have it.  I'll tag you on my Facebook post if you are my Facebook friend so you can have a copy of the picture.  The events ended up being uploaded in non-chronological order of events.  

First up:  Ithaca reunion for all those who were in Utah at the time.  All of these wonderful families were in the branch when Xan and I first moved to Ithaca for him to attend Cornell and have since graduated and left.

The Saturday night more formal Bingham High School 10 year Reunion

 Friday night informal (kids invited) reunion night:

The highlight of the trip!  :)  Notice in the second picture down that I got to dance with the groom.  Yes, my foot is in a boot.  Happened every year in high school before Homecoming and happened again just in time for the first reunion I attended.  I'm thinking I may not be going to another.  LOL!

Then, in September, we went to DC to visit Xan's parents and go to the BYU vs. Virginia game.  It had a 2 hour weather delay due to lightning in the first half.  While in DC, Xan's parents drove around to all the sites and we enjoyed a day at the zoo.  We had to take turns between crutches and the wheelchair due to both of our injuries.  Read here about those injuries.

On September 24th, I had my already injured ankle turn into a fractured my left fibula at work.  8 weeks Workers Compensation allowed me more time to get my homework done.  Toad enjoyed all the extra cuddling time and pretty much sat on my any chance he got.  :)

Yay for Christmas!  I spend my Christmas day as usual working but had the morning off to enjoy.

Toad's favorite present was the box.

And so ends the year 2013.  :)