Sunday, May 4, 2014

My Family

While in Utah last week, my family was able to get a family picture.  Our family hasn't been all together since Xan and I got married over 5 years ago!  Our total count is 28 with one more on the way.  My eldest sister, Kimberly, has 9 kids, my brother, Michael, has 3 kids with one due in less than 2 months, Jenn just got married and added another brother-in-law to our rambunctious lot, and the sister just older than me, Crystal, has 4 kids.  Love you all and enjoyed spending time with you!!!

Parents: Denny and Kim.  Kids: Arianna, Timothy, Christine, Grace, Same, Derek, Zachary, Thomas, and Janessa.

Parents: Michael and Jessica.  Kids: Preston, Parker, and Brynna.

The Newlyweds!  Brian and Jenn.

Parents: Allen and Crystal.  Kids: Kaitlyn, Halle, Danielle, and Samantha.

And us.  :)

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