Friday, January 2, 2015

Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

I miss you.  I miss the days I posted all the time.  You easily kept pictures and stories of my life categorized into a type of journal for life for myself, family, and friends.  

You kept me updated on all my family and friends in turn.  I used to read through the new posts almost everyday.  I'm sad to say that I am YEARS behind.  

It's a new year and in many ways, I feel it is a new me.  I graduated from graduate school and I am finally no longer working over 50 hours a week.  

It's time we got reacquainted, wouldn't you say?  HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  1. i have missed your blog too!!! i hope to write more often on mine and i would be excited if you did on yours too because i want to keep up with all your fun adventures and life. i miss you so much!!!!!

  2. I was just wondering last week if you were ever going to blog again. Welcome back! We may have only met once but I've heard so much about you over the years that I feel like I know you better haha. Congrats on your graduation and working fewer hours!