Thursday, January 8, 2015

Getting Organized and Self-Sufficient

Xan and I are on a self-sufficient tangent.  I've been using DoTERRA essential oils, making some of my own beauty products, and de-cluttering our home.  Xan is behind me now studying home preparedness.  We've determined that he is in charge of the practical side: 72 hour kits, emergency supplies, survival skills, ect.  I am in charge of the food and homemade products (soap making, food storage, ect.)

It's kind of fun!

My project at the moment is figuring out how to do a pantry inventory.  I admit, in all past organizing sreaks, I've skipped over this section.  It seemed pointless!  Why inventory what is in my pantry if it changes ALL the time??  Since I am on a challenge to cut our grocery bill, I decided maybe it was something I should look more into.  I spent yesterday simply learning WHY you keep an inventory and HOW.  Xan and I have decided to do ours on Google Documents since we share the dinner cooking responsibility.  It also allows us to check what we have while at the store.  No more buying the same spice five times simply because we weren't sure if we had it or not!

Check out link here

Earlier this week, my shipment of lotion making supplies came and I was finally able to make magnesium lotion.  I put it on my feet at night before I go to bed.  I've been told for a while that I am magnesium deficient but taking magnesium supplements orally was not doing anything.  I read that magnesium can be better absorbed transdermally.  It has been great and has significantly reduced how stiff my neck and shoulders feel in the morning!

Check out link here
I might try just spraying the magnesium oil on instead of the lotion in the future (simpler) but I wanted to try the lotion out first.

More to follow later!

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  1. I've heard good things about magnesium. Didn't know it could be made into a lotion. I've had 72 hour kits and emergency preparedness on my mind a lot lately (probably something to do with two earthquakes last year). Good for you guys for getting going on it and teaching yourselves new skills!