Monday, July 6, 2015

R.I.P. Aakash

Today, I got a sad phone call from Xan while I was at work.  He discovered Aakash, my 8-9 year old ball python, had passed away.  :(   Sad day.

We buried her deep in the woods next to our apartment.  It was quite the trek to find the right spot.  She is now buried near one of our Milky frogs that passed a few years ago.  Xan carved a letter A on one of the rocks for her.
The mosquitoes were crazy and we are covered in bites!
RIP Aakash: 2007-2015
 And now, the traditional photos to remember her by.  I will miss her.

Summer 2008, a year after I bought her.

2009, Right before we moved to Ithaca.
Showing off her muscles!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

No taxation without representation!

Happy 4th of July!

I am learning to embrace my introvert tendencies and enjoy low key Holidays without feeling like we are being boring.  We pretty much have stayed home all weekend so far.  It has been WONDERFUL!

Today, I got a massage this morning.  I've been working with massage therapy and chiropractors to help reduce my chronic pain, fatigue, and TMJD.  It has been amazing and I am so excited that I have been able to do yoga or walk or sleep or whatever with HUGE pain reduction and less headaches.  Still got some work to go but progress has been made.

I spent some time in the kitchen and made a delicious egg and potato frittata in my cast-iron pan. Made some homemade aolili sauce and a side salad for dinner.

I've been practicing some yoga poses this afternoon.  I'm working up my arm strength to be able to do head stands and such.

Took advantage of everyone being away and did laundry in our apartment building's shared laundry room.  Tease me all you want but the Holidays are the perfect days for doing laundry if you have to share with others and want the best machines.

I practiced on my keyboard for playing the hymns during Sacrament tomorrow.  I really tried to get the hymns ready enough to play on the organ but they are too tricky for me just on the piano so I skip the organ this week.  I will be attempting The Spirit of God and America the Beautiful.  Two songs that 3 months ago, I would never have DREAMED of being able to play through well, let alone accompany a congregation.  Yay for God supporting us in our callings!

I started a new series: Parks and Recreation.  Love it so far!

And, finally, I am catching up on blogging.  :)

Xan's birthday was July 2nd.  I made him a cherry pie that was delicious!  True, I made it on the 3rd of July because I needed an extra day to study how to make the crust.  Xan agreed that it was totally worth it because the crust was AMAZING.  Thank you for your cooking classes and online tutorials.  It is perfect for the way I learn best.

Happy 35th Birthday, Xan!!!