Sunday, March 6, 2016

Saturday All to Myself

Xan is taking a Winter Camping course through Cornell and this weekend he was gone from Friday evening until... I think that is him coming up the stairs... Door opening... Yep!  He just got back a little after 1pm. This meant an entire Saturday all to myself!  As an introvert... it was amazing...

I woke up at 6:00 am and lounged/snoozed until 6:45 am with the two cats.  As someone who gets up on weekdays at 4:30, this was luxurious!  I did a bit of cleaning and got ready for the day.  I used one of my flower soap bars from last month!  And of course, used some amazing Essential Oils.

I took a minute to realize how long my hair is... it's usually up in a bun or something.  I think it is just about as long as it was when I cut it four or something years ago.

I've been reading books, articles, and what not to work on some emotional self-therapy for my mild depression and chronic illness.  I'll probably blog about that in the near future.  My assignment for today was to watch Silver Linings Playbook.  I've seen it before and it remains one of my favorite movies.  

I folded some laundry and put away some clothes before getting creative and working on a new soap batch.  I experimented with color this time with purple and white.  I also added lavender buds to the mx.  The scent was an all natural Lavender and Rosemary blend.  The whole apartment smelled amazing for HOURS afterwards.  I didn't let it trace enough (thicken) before mixing the colors so i won't have the swirl design quite how I planned but it hardened overnight so we will see what it looks like in a couple days when I take it out and cut the bars.  :)

 Here's a close up I just took now to better show the fun top design I got with the last traces of the white.

I have become a responsible adult ... Mom - sit down before reading this ... and cleaned up after I was finished.  AND put all the tools and ingredients away.  

Took some selfies with my cat while listening to an audio book.  I am a big fan of Maria V. Snyder and am listening to her Poison Study series... again... for who knows how many times.

In the evening, I went to babysit this adorable guy.  His big brother was already asleep so I only heard occasional murmurs from him.  But this cutie wanted to stay up the whole time.  I was not complaining!

Came home, worked on a jigsaw puzzle on my Kindle, and went to sleep.  It was a very good day!

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