Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Aida at the Met

Quick update:  Xan graduated from Cornell with a PhD in Medieval Studies and is currently hired as a Teaching Associate of the Spanish language.  He's teaching 2 beginner Spanish classes and a Freshman writing seminar.  It is a semester by semester contract and cannot be extended past 2 years.  He is on the job market again to find an academic post.  

Last weekend, he took me out to NYC through a trip Cornell arranged to see Verdi's opera, AIDA.  Most everyone was speaking Italian (including Xan).  The bus left Ithaca at 6:00am and arrived in NYC in front of the Met Opera House around 10:15.  That bus driver had skills!  The opera didn't start until noon so the group split apart to roam around.  Xan and I opted for a walk in Central Park.  I was wearing one of those 24 hour heart monitor things so I pushed myself more than I might have normally, all in the name of good and solid data.  (I finally got around to seeing a cardiologist for potential POTS.  Referral for Table Tilt test has been referred and I'm waiting for approvals).  And, I had Xan to steady me when I got dizzy.

The day was beautiful!  The weather amazing!

No coat needed in November!!!

I hadn't realized the NYC temple is practically across the street from the Opera house.  The theater was big, squished, and crowded... but very impressive!

The entire Opera, I thought I was one of the only people using the subtitles since I could only see my own and another person's in front me.  Before the show, and between acts, many people were speaking in Italian.  Xan explained to me later in conversation that the screens are designed so that they can only be seen at a specific angle.  He apparently had his on the whole time, too.  Although, he lamented that he didn't realize Italian subtitles were an option until after.

The Met really knows how to put on a show!  My favorite part was when there were a pair of horse on the stage hooked up to an Egyptian carriage and one of them did NOT want to be there.  I sniffled through the end of the tragedy.  The voices were beautiful!  I think I still prefer the Aida Broadway - much more entertaining and funny.  :)

The opera ended at 4:00pm and the bus didn't leave until 9:00pm.  We went exploring again.  I logged over 25,000 steps on Saturday.  We walked a lot!  I'm still paying for it but it was well worth it.