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Toad was given to us October 2009 by Xan’s parents.  They found him when he was only 3 weeks old in 2007 and had to bottle feed him with 2 other kittens found at the same time.  He is a Saudi Arabia stray cat.  With a curious and energetic personality, he’s always ready to play.  He is the perfect blend between a cuddly and a playful cat.  He also has a lot of dog-like qualities: licking our faces, greeting us at the door when we come home, playing fetch, and he’s VERY loud with the meowing.  Our next door neighbors say they hear him ALL the time.   Toad is very curious about our other pets.  He likes to get up on top of Aakash’s cage and look down at her.  He’s frequently trying to get at the frog tanks to see what’s in there.

We got Mimsy July 2010.  She grew up with Toad, found within weeks of him.  Xan's parents gave her to us after we realized Toad needed a bit more attention and company than we could give him with me working and Xan off to school.  She's been so much fun to have!  She comes running into the kitchen anytime I use the can opener.  Heads and chests are for sleeping on in her book of rules.  She's also adopted several of toad's habits, such as drinking from the bathroom sink and meowing incessantly around the apartment (particularly at 10 pm in the guest room... almost like clockwork).  She's much less shy and skiddish then Toad and loves to cuddle with anyone sitting at the computer.


I got Aakash in February 2007.  Our guess is that she was 6 months old at the time. A day or two after I got her found me struggling to come up with a name for her.  At the time, we thought she was a he.  I was watching Aladdin with my roommate Alyssa and we looked over at the cage during one of the songs and found Aakash reared up and rocking back and forth like she was dancing.  She did this again later when I was watching my favorite Bollywood movie, Dil Chahta Hai.  She really only dances to middle Eastern/Indian music so I decided she needed a name to suite her tastes.  Aakash is the name of one of the characters on Dil Chahta hai.

She passed away in July of 2015.

Xan’s newest hobby has been to build natural terrariums to house various species of frogs, including poison dart frogs.  We got our first two dart frogs October 2009, a male and female ranitomeya ventrimaculatus.  The common name is Amazon poison dart frog.   Pictures will come.   They’re harder to photograph because they are really small and super fast.   For the time being, we’ll just post this borrowed picture up.  The male’s name is Þór, and the female’s name is Ana.  We can tell them apart by the dot on their heads.  Þór (English spells it like Thor), has a dot on his head like the frog in this picture.  Ana does not.

We have several tadpoles from them.  One of them finally got arms and we were able to put it in the morph tank (all the others are still living in little bathroom cups held in a large container with a lid) until they, too, grow arms.

On April 15, 2010, TAX DAY, we got our second set of frogs.  We were able to get a good picture of each of them. I named this one here to the left Shadow.  You’ll notice that the design on his back is a solid color.  Xan name the other one here on the right Bandit.  His design looks like he has a bandanna wrapped around his eyes.
This species is called dendobates auratus.  The common name is the green and black frog.  (some of their kind are green and black). We currently have 2 females and are considering getting a male down the road.

Our third set of frogs came May 18, 2010.  We got 5 new editions.  The species is called dendropsophus ebraccata.  Their common name is hourglass tree frogs.  From left to right, top to bottom, we have Sarah, Taylor (male), Tami, Jack, Danielle and two of their numerous offspring.  We rarely use their names.  These guys lay A LOT of eggs.  We have 3 different tanks just to keep up with all the tadpoles.  We have one container where we take the leaves with the eggs for them to hatch and fall into the water below.  The second tank is set up as an aquarium with a filter, so once they've doubled in size from the time they hatch, they are transfered to this second tank.  And the last tank is for after they morph out and grow arms.  In that corner picture, one of the tadpoles has arms but still has a bit of the tail.  It normally takes them a few days before their tale is absorbed.

The fourth and fifth set of frogs were bought at the reptile show in Pennsylvania October 2010.  This first picture below shows our Monkey frogs.  They look really boring when curled up on leaves (and hard to find) but they have these fun tiger-like stripes on the sides of their body.  These frogs are really fun to watch climb things.  As you can see, It's a lot harder to tell these frogs apart.  If you look closely, you can see a difference.     We have two females and one male.  These haven't got names.

And this last set are the Milkies.  These are the largest of our 5 different species.  We just heard at least one male calling, so we know at least one of them is male.  One looks really fat and we think she'll lay eggs soon.  But, other than that, we are just now finding out their genders.  There are six pictures below.  The bottom two towards the right are actually the same frog.  I wanted to give you a view of their eyes.  They look like they are weeping.  I'll add more details later.  Until then, I'm going to be happy I finally got up as much as I did.  :)

We have one other species but I don't have any pictures.

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